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Interesting Reads & Listens

What is currently keeping me up at night? Here are some books, podcasts, general links that keep me busy right now.

16191619.  A friend recently recommended this podcast for a long road trip. The 1619 project was started as a way to observe the 400th anniversary of the beginning of slavery in the U.S. I had read portions of the 1619 project on the NYTimes but hadn’t listened to the podcast. It is a must-listen! Super interesting and relevant for understanding the way our society in the U.S. has been set-up from the beginning.

The Body Keeps the ScoreThe Body Keeps the Score.  More and more, I’m trying to understand how experiences of trauma and  stress get embedded in the biology of a person. This book has been particularly helpful–albeit a bit heavy.

On ImmunityOn Immunity.  As an infectious disease researcher, I’m a big proponent of vaccinations, especially given the outbreaks of childhood illnesses that keep cropping up. This is a compelling read! While its a personal narrative, it gives good social context to vaccination practices in the U.S.

Guns, Germs, and SteelGuns, Germs, and Steel.  I’ve recently decided my historical knowledge is lacking.  While quite a tome,  it is a compelling read and interesting through and through. The challenge is remembering all the details and how they fit together!

Why Zebras Don't Get UlcersWhy Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers. This isn’t a new book but its a goodie. From time to time, I need a refresher on the biology of stress and this is great for that.

On ImmunityAcadames Podcast This podcast manages to both make me laugh and inspire me.  It covers all range of topics and is hosted by two fabulous academics. Take a listen, it won’t disappoint!