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Infections reveal the fault lines of our society.

Epidemiology at the intersection

Welcome! Let me tell you a bit about my work. My work lies at the intersection—where infectious disease meets social epidemiology and aging. I work to understand inequities in who is at risk for infections, why they are at risk, and how that risk affects the aging of their bodies.

Grace Noppert

Infectious disease

Infections are not equally distributed. They are a key mechanism for understanding health disparities.


Social epidemiology

Racism is fundamental to understanding who has the opportunity for health and wellness in the U.S. More specifically, underlying racist structures determine who is more likely to be exposed to infectious diseases, and who is more likely to suffer the consequences of an infectious disease.


Infections age the body prematurely, putting individuals on a trajectory of accelerated aging.


Grace A Noppert

Social Environment & Health
Survey Research Center
Institute for Social Research
University of Michigan


[email protected]