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Recent Publications

Impact of Incarceration and Homelessness on Immune Aging During Late Life.
MacConnachie L^, Zhang YS, Farina M, Gutierrez C, Hoover A, He Y, Aiello AE, Noppert GA.  2024; Social Science and Medicine. [In Press].

State Variation in Neighborhood COVID-19 Burden: Findings from the COVID Neighborhood Project.
Noppert GA,
Clarke PJ, Hoover A, Kubale JT, Melendez R, Duchowny KA, Hegde ST.  2024; Nature Communications Medicine. [In Press]. 

Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals.
N Snyder-Mackler, JR Burger, L Gaydosh, DW Belsky, GA Noppert, et al. Science. 2020; 368: 6493.

Biological Expressions of Early Life Trauma in the Immune System of Older Adults.
Noppert GA,
Duchowny KA, Stebbins RC, Aiello AE, Dowd JB, Clarke PC. Plos One. 2023, 18(6), e0286141.

Exposure, Susceptibility, and Recovery: A Framework for Examining the Intersection of the Social and Physical Environment and Infectious Disease Risk.
Noppert GA
, Hegde ST, Kubale, J. American Journal of Epidemiology. 2023, 192(3), 475-482.

Understanding the intersection of race and place: the case of tuberculosis in Michigan
GA Noppert, P Clarke, M Hicken, and ML Wilson. 2019.  BMC Public Health [in press].

Persistent disparities in pathogen burden in the United States, 1999-2014
RC Stebbins, GA Noppert, AE Aiello, E Cordoba, J Ward, & L Feinstein.  Epidemiology and Infection. 2019 [in press].

Contextualizing tuberculosis transmission in space and time: integrating Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain genotyping data with tuberculosis surveillance and neighborhood data
GA Noppert, Z Yang, P Clarke, P Davidson,  W Ye, & ML Wilson. Annals of Epidemiology. 2019 [in press].

The Modern Profile of Tuberculosis: Developing the TB Social Survey to understand contemporary social patterns in tuberculosis
GA Noppert, P Clarke
Public Health Nursing. 2018; 35 (1), 48-55

Race and nativity are major determinants of tuberculosis in the US: evidence of health disparities in tuberculosis incidence in Michigan, 2004–2012
GA Noppert, ML Wilson, P Clarke, W Ye, P Davidson, Z Yang
BMC public health. 2017; 17 (1), 538

Gaps in federal and state screening of tuberculosis in the United States
PM Singer, GA Noppert, CH Jenkins
American journal of public health. 2017; 107 (11), 1750-1752

Analyses of infectious disease patterns and drivers largely lack insights from social epidemiology: contemporary patterns and future opportunities
GA Noppert, JT Kubale, ML Wilson
J Epidemiol Community Health. 2017;  71 (4), 350-355

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