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Recent Publications

Immune Response to Cytomegalovirus and Cognition in the Health and Retirement Study
RC Stebbins, GA Noppert, CY Yang, JB Dowd, A Simanek & AE Aiello. American Journal of Epidemiology [in press].

Life Course Socioeconomic Disadvantage and the Aging Immune System: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study
GA Noppert, RC Stebbins, JB Dowd, RA Hummer & AE Aiello. Journal of Gerontology, Social Sciences [in press].

Making the invisible visible: the current face of tuberculosis in the United States.
GA Noppert & PJ Clarke. Journal of Cities and Health, 2020; 1-9.

Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals.
N Snyder-Mackler, JR Burger, L Gaydosh, DW Belsky, GA Noppert, et al. Science. 2020; 368: 6493.

Understanding the intersection of race and place: the case of tuberculosis in Michigan
GA Noppert, P Clarke, M Hicken, and ML Wilson. 2019.  BMC Public Health [in press].

Persistent disparities in pathogen burden in the United States, 1999-2014
RC Stebbins, GA Noppert, AE Aiello, E Cordoba, J Ward, & L Feinstein.  Epidemiology and Infection. 2019 [in press].

Contextualizing tuberculosis transmission in space and time: integrating Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain genotyping data with tuberculosis surveillance and neighborhood data
GA Noppert, Z Yang, P Clarke, P Davidson,  W Ye, & ML Wilson. Annals of Epidemiology. 2019 [in press].

Race/Ethnic and Educational Disparities in the Association Between Pathogen Burden and a Laboratory-Based Cumulative Deficits Index
GA Noppert, AE Aiello, AM O’Rand & Harvey Jay Cohen. Journal of Race and Ethnic Disparities. 2019 [In press].

Social patterning of acute respiratory illnesses in the Household Influenza Vaccine Evaluation (HIVE) Study 2014–2015
RE Malosh, GA Noppert, J Zelner, ET Martin, AS Monto, Epidemiology & Infection 2019. 147.

Contemporary Social Disparities in TB Infection and Disease in the USA: a Review
GA Noppert, RE Malosh, EB Moran, SD Ahuja, J Zelner
Current Epidemiology Reports 2018. 5 (4), 442-449

Investigating pathogen burden in relation to a cumulative deficits index in a representative sample of US adults
GA Noppert, AE Aiello, AM O’Rand, HJ Cohen
Epidemiology & Infection 2018. 146 (15), 1968-1976

The impact of multiple dimensions of socioeconomic status on physical functioning across the life course
GA Noppert, CS Brown, M Chanti-Ketterl, KS Hall, LK Newby, HJ Cohen, …
Gerontology and geriatric medicine. 2018; 4, 2333721418794021

The Modern Profile of Tuberculosis: Developing the TB Social Survey to understand contemporary social patterns in tuberculosis
GA Noppert, P Clarke
Public Health Nursing. 2018; 35 (1), 48-55

Race and nativity are major determinants of tuberculosis in the US: evidence of health disparities in tuberculosis incidence in Michigan, 2004–2012
GA Noppert, ML Wilson, P Clarke, W Ye, P Davidson, Z Yang
BMC public health. 2017; 17 (1), 538

Gaps in federal and state screening of tuberculosis in the United States
PM Singer, GA Noppert, CH Jenkins
American journal of public health. 2017; 107 (11), 1750-1752

Individual- and neighborhood-level contextual factors are associated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission: genotypic clustering of cases in Michigan
GA Noppert, Z Yang, P Clarke, W Ye, P Davidson, ML Wilson
Annals of Epidemiology. 2017

Analyses of infectious disease patterns and drivers largely lack insights from social epidemiology: contemporary patterns and future opportunities
GA Noppert, JT Kubale, ML Wilson
J Epidemiol Community Health. 2017;  71 (4), 350-355

Trends of sputum-smear positive tuberculosis in Zimbabwe: 2008–2011
G Noppert, Z Yang, C Sandy, J Chirenda
BMC research notes. 2015; 8 (1), 575


A full list of recent publications can be found here.